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Samuel Ludden

The Picture below is a commemorative print to celebrate the founding of The Royal Holland Society of Sciences in 1752, featuring the prize medal of Johann Georg Holtzhey, designed for them by a engraver named Simon Fokke. In the picture Simon Fokke left clues to the true meaning of Oak Island. It proves that Oak Island is an experiment of Alchemy and it's connected to Sir Francis Bacon and William Shakespeare.  This picture predates the discovery of the Oak Island Money Pit by 41 years and is the greatest piece of evidence that has ever been found. 
Fact- The First discovery of the Oak Island, Money Pit was in 1795 by Daniel McGinnis.
Fact- The Oldest known Bacon-Shakespeare theory was in 1845 by Delia Bacon. (no relation to F.B)
 Fact- The Oldest known Bacon-Oak Island theory was in 1953 by Penn Leary in his book called The Oak Island Enigma. 
      Penn Leary contended that the pit was used to hide manuscripts showing Francis Bacon to be the author of William Shakespeare's works and a leader of the Rosicrucians. -There are older theories that are unknown to the public. 

   I was able to make this important discovery because my Grandmother guided me towards the light 27 years ago. She taught me many fascinating things about the Oak Island and these secret medallions. She gave me a similar medallion and explained the esoteric meanings of Lady Liberty and the Liberty Cap.  As of the result, here is what I have decoded.

  Starting at the bottom of the picture with the medallion. The front side of the medal shows the Greek God Apollo in a nautical scene that looks very much like Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Apollo is holding a laurel wreath and a quill pen. It reads in Latin OPTIME MERITIS , which translates to "EXCELLENT HUSBAND”. The Back side of the Medal  shows the Blessed Virgin Mary sitting with the Goddess Pallas Athena. It reads in Latin DEO ET PATRIAE , which means "For God and Country". 

    Above the medal it shows a square, compass and a telescope. The square and compass  is the single most identifiable symbol of Freemasonry.  looking through the telescope is symbolizing the Freemason's All Seeing Eye. This picture is proof that Oak Island has a connection to Freemasonry.
When following the Telescope in a straight line it points to the Liberty Cap which is on top of Athena's spear. 
When following each side of the Square, one side points to the Virgin Mary and the other side points to the Goddess that's holding the portrait, because esoterically they are the same. They are looking at each other as if they were in mirrored reflection.
When following the right side of the Compass it points to Athena's helmet, the left side points to the Sun on Apollo's head, because they are husband and wife.

Apollo, Athena and Bacon 

According to Peter Dawkins in his book The Shakespeare Enigma,  Apollo and Athena were God and Goddess of illumination and wisdom.  He explains that Apollo carries the laurel wreath because it symbolizes the Master Poet. Apollo in the picture above has a Laurel wreath in one hand and a quill pen in his other hand. Apollo and Athena were the great muses that inspired all poets and artists.  Dawkins explains that Sir Francis Bacon's double 'AA ' Head-piece that appears in his works and also in the works of Shakespeare stands for Apollo and Athena. Dawkins goes on to say that Francis Bacon was the leader of a secret Rosicrucian society called the Knights of the Helmet, which was dedicated to Apollo and Pallas Athena. Members of Bacon's group wore Athena's helmet because it represented invisibility.  He explains that William Shakespeare was written by Sir Francis Bacon during this time period and the name William is derived from the Welsh name "Hwyll" that means god of light, the Greeks call him Apollo, "helm" which means helmet. The name Shake-speare is the reverse of Spear-Shake, Apollo and Athena were known as Spear Shakers. The name Pallas Athena literally means "Spear Shaker", because of this, the picture above is hinting to the name William Shakespeare. Apollo and Athena were known as the patrons of the seven liberal arts and sciences. On the floor next to the square and compass it shows all of the seven liberal arts and sciences.

The Double 'AA' Headpeice

In the background of this print it shows a group of seven men in a meeting. The men would seem to be the Holland Society passing the prize medallion to a member, but it has more of a darker hidden meaning. The room is divided in half, the right side of the room shows four gentlemen standing in the shadows and the other three men are in the light.  The four in the dark are members of The Invisible College of the Rosy Cross, also known as The Royal Society of London. The other three men standing in the light side of the room are members of  The Royal Society of Holland. Its showing an old group of Rosicrucians passing the torch or the secret to the new younger group. The curtains on the bookshelf have the Double 'AA' shape,  one light and one dark . 
Francis Bacon used this light and dark 'AA' concept many times in his works.  According to Peter Dawkins  it is The Secret Signature, of Bacon, Shakespeare and the Rosicrucians. It represents  polarity, such as light and dark,  the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega, creation and revelation, wisdom and knowledge, light and illumination, spirit and soul, lover and beloved, husband and wife and mortal and immortal. 
The Royal Society started from groups of alchemists, physicians and natural philosophers, meeting at variety of locations, including Gresham College in London. They were influenced by the "new science", as promoted by Francis Bacon in his New Atlantis .  The concept of "invisible college" is mentioned in German Rosicrucian pamphlets in the early 17th century. Francis Bacon's friend Ben Jonson referenced the idea, related in meaning to Francis Bacon's House of Solomon.  Salomon's House (or Solomon's House) is a fictional institution in Sir Francis Bacon's utopian work New Atlantis, published in English in 1627, the year after Bacon's death. In this work, he portrayed a vision of the future of human discovery and knowledge. The plan and organization of his ideal college envisioned the modern research university in both applied and pure science. 
In The Goddess's helmet it shows the resurrection of the Phoenix bird rising out of its ashes. 

The feather plume on her helmet also shows a Mother bird breast feeding her young. In alchemy the Pelican is shown stabbing its breast with its beak and nourishing its young with its own blood. It's a symbol of self sacrifice. The Pelican was in this spiritual sense a valid image of the Christ's blood sacrifice and was used as such by the early alchemists. 

Goddess worship was very big in ancient cult religions, with women like Isis and Venus. The Goddess Venus appears in the Rosicrucian manifesto called the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, she is called Pan-Sophia in Rosicrucian circles and represents universal wisdom, another occult female is the huntress Diana "The Moon Goddess", she was the parallel feminine symbol of Pan, they appear on the cover page of Bacon's New Atlantis.

The square points to the Virgin Mary and also to the Goddess shown sitting in the chair because esoterically they are the same people. She represents the Virgin Mary, Athena, Minerva, Lady Liberty and others.  The parallels are striking when compared, Athena wears the phrygian helmet and Liberty wears the phrygian cap, both symbolize freedom and the birth of liberties. Athena and the Virgin Mary were known as the Virgin Goddess of Mercy and they are also known to be the protector of children, She is holding a portrait of William Prince of Orange as a child. The Square points to the letters O and R of the word PROTECTOR, hinting to the words Order and Rose, for The Rosicrucian Order.

 William "The Silent" Prince of Orange has an important connection to the Rosicrucians. In the original Rosicrucian Manifesto called the Fama Fraternitatis, the story of the Rosicrucian founder Father C.R and his pilgrimage, from whom he learned the ancient esoteric knowledge. It is thought in occultism that C.R's pilgrimage seems to refer to transmutation steps of the Great Work in alchemy. The Fama listed its members with initials D, BF and R. Many believe that brother D is for John Dee because his personal mark called his Monas appears in the Rosicrucian Manifesto called The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. Brother BF is Francis Bacon and Brother R is identifying Sir Walter Raleigh, because in the last page of the Fama, it ended with a large letter subscript: SUB UMBRA ALARUM TUARUM JEHOVAH, which translates to "UNDER THE SHADOW OF THE WINGS OF JEHOVAH" 
It points to an event in the summer of 1582 with which Raleigh was involved. A small group of Englishmen went to Antwerp to meet William the Silent of Orange, he was leader of the Protestant forces in the Netherlands.  Queen Elizabeth herself rode out with them as far as Canterbury. The group was made up of Walter Raleigh, Lord Hunsdon, the Earl of Leicester, Fulke Greville, Philip Sidney, and Edward Dyer. When the Queen turned back the group continued on, crossed the channel, and proceeded to Antwerp where they met Prince William of Orange. Raleigh was detained there by William after the others had returned, and was entrusted with a special verbal message from the Queen: SUB UMBRA ALARUM TUARUM PROTEGIMUR That is, UNDER THE SHADOW OF YOUR WINGS WE ARE PROTECTEDOn the portrait of Prince William  it says "Protector". William was known as the "Protector of Liberties" in the Netherlands, he was sending both an appeal, and an acknowledgement, to Queen Elizabeth of her support of the Protestant cause. The Fama was a calling for Universal Reformation of Mankind  and also opposed Roman Catholicism, and was similar to the Protestant movement of the Reformer Martin Luther.  The 17th century was the time of the Rosicrucian Enlightenment, The Rosicrucian claimed to be a secret brotherhood of alchemist preparing to change the political and intellectual world along with the arts and sciences. 
William has his right hand hidden in his coat, if you look very close it shows that he's making the Freemason's secret Nova Scotia hidden hand gesture, he's pointing to the letter C with his right hand, and to the letter R with his left hand, the letters C and R stand for Rose Cross and Christian Rosenkreuz. The hidden hand gesture has been the hidden force behind world events of the past centuries, the bringing forth the Age of Enlightenment, the fall of European Monarchies and the plan of world democracy all started with Bacon's experiment on Oak Island. In 1688 during the Glorious Revolution, Prince William III of Orange became the King of England and Scotland when he defeated the Roman Catholic King James II of England and Scotland.
Prince William is pointing downward showing us that the Goddess has a missing leg and foot.

Alchemy of Birth

Sir Francis Bacon is standing under a curtain on a small stage. The curtain is the missing leg and foot of the Goddess. She is the Divine Mother giving birth to Francis Bacon.  She is the Athena, Virgin Mary and the Kabbalah Tree of Life, impregnated with God's light through the process of the alchemical marriage, She gives birth to a child, which is the fruit of that tree of life. The fruit she gives birth to may create harmony in the world.

   Bacon's standing on a stage like an actor, because he is the author of  the works of William Shakespeare, his initials F B are written behind his head. He's holding a book in his arms, which could be the lost Shakespeare manuscripts, because there is two hidden letter S's on the rim of the book. Many people over the years have theorized that manuscripts could be buried on Oak Island.

Francis Bacon is also on stage with a rabbit, phoenix and Angel wings, all of them are symbols  known in alchemy.

In many alchemical stories a rabbit is shown leading a blindfolded alchemist to a rabbit hole for a revelation. 

The Angel wings represent the alchemical transformation into the Heavens. 

The Phoenix bird behind Francis Bacon is also a very important symbol of resurrection. 

There are many birds in alchemy like the Black Crow, the White Swan and the Pelican, which are also hidden in this print.

  The letters MN are on the right arm of the Virgin Mary and are the English Rosicrucian translation of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton meaning Jehovah. 

 The two sides of the medallion together makes the Vesica Pisces symbol, which is also the symbol of the Jesus fish. Vesica Pisces is one of the most sacred symbols in world, it's the story of the creation and in the kabalah it's the beginning manifestation of the Tree of Life and the flower of life. In Alchemy, the first circle is Male, the Father and the Sun. The second second circle is Female, the Mother and the Moon. The Vesica pisces is their Child or Son. It is another example of the alchemical Marriage and the Holy Grail.

The name FrAncIs BAcon is hidden in the Virgin Mary's clothing. The picture is showing birth of the "HEAD" of Francis Bacon, because he is the new Jesus Christ. The word ShAKE is on Athena's clothing and she's holding a Spear, giving the name Shake-spear.  Athena is also giving birth to the "HEAD" of William Shakespeare,the Master Poet. 

At the top of the picture it shows two human heavenly heads wearing clothing from Ancient Greece. 
 The left side shows Sir Francis Bacon as a dead mortal skeleton, the name Francis is hidden in his clothing.
 The right side shows William Shakespeare alive and immortal, the name Shakespeare is hidden in his clothing. 


There is a Crow hidden in Francis Bacon's clothing. The Crow in alchemy represents death and is the first stage in alchemy called Nigredo and blackness. Many alchemists believed that as a first step in the pathway to the philosopher's stone

The Swan is hidden in Shakespeare's clothing, it symbolizes Life and is the second stage in alchemy called Albedo and whiteness.

The Experiment
As Above, so below

Hidden in the "Net" that's suspended at the top of the ceiling shows the shield of the Holland Society,  also in the net it shows a Boar and a Swan. It is pertaining to a substance called the  "Net" in alchemy.  The Net was a term in alchemy for a copper-antimony alloy, named for its crystalline "net" like surface separated by interstices & thought to be one step in the creation of the Philosopher's Stone. Sir Isaac Newton was the president of The Royal Society of London and in his private notes, he wrote how he followed the steps to the creation of the Net and took to Starkey's theory of classical mythology where Venus and Mars are hung in a net from a high ceiling. Francis Bacon was known as the Boar and William Shakespeare was known as the Swan. Using the Boar and the Swan in the net is the same concept, the whole allegory fits admirably. 

“‘Tis true without lying, certain and most true. That which is 

below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below.” – Isaac Newton

The shield of The Holland Society is also hidden in the net, it matches their shield at the bottom of the print. The shield is showing that the sword, the cross and stars correspond with each other.  the sword is Nolan's Cross below on Oak Island and the cross above represents the Northern Cross which is also known as the Cygnus Swan constellation and is located in the sky above Oak Island. The Stars on the bottom represent the birth of Shakespeare and Bacon and the stars at the top represents their heavenly twins, which was the Cassiopeia Supernova of 1572. It was said that the Virgin Queen gave birth to the two stars above and mark her corresponding birth to light on earth.
Nolan's Cross was discovered in 1981 by Oak Island treasure hunter Fred Nolan, he found large granite boulders on his property which, when viewed from the air, form a large cross. Nolan also discovered a sixth stone buried at the center of the cross, the stone was of a human head. Nolan said that the boulder looked like it had a large brain bulging out of the side of the head and also a carved sword.
I have made a discovery that the bulge was actually another head. The two heads are William Shakespeare and Sir Francis Bacon. Nolan found the head stone buried upside down with the sword pointing up, which is exactly like is shown on the shield.
    The Cygnus constellation represents Shakespeare's Resurrection into the swan. The Cygnus swan lore of Greek Mythology started with poets like Ovid, Virgil and Horace. In mostly all the stories human poets transform into swans.  The Virgin Pallas Athena is Shakespeare's mother and Apollo his father.
The Northern Cross traditionally represents the cross from Jesus' crucifixion. Francis Bacon is the incarnation of the Christ Being and resurrected into the Northern Cross. The Virgin Mary is his mother and Jesus is his Father, Jesus and Apollo have very similar traits, as do Athen and the Virgin Mary.

The Map

Francis Bacon's initials are hidden in the cloth on top of the Globe.

In the picture below Simon Fooke drew Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. If you look very closely you can see Oak Island, Mahone Bay is positioned in a Northwestern direction exactly like it would on a modern map.

When connecting the dots the map secretly shows Lunenburg's distinctive shape of the First and Second Peninsula

 The right side of the globe shows the lower part of England, It's secretly showing that they were born in England and Rose on Oak Island. 

 For more information about the Oak Island Experiment read the next webpage College of the Fraternity. The webpage also shows the same As above, so below alchemical formula of the heads.