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Family Secrets
Samuel Ludden

I was initiated many years ago behind the curtains of Shakespeare by my Grandmother and inherited a secret treasure trove of old Oak Island cyphers, coded pictures and books. 
My favorite is a book written long before the theories of Penn Leary, B.F Ruth, Gladys Stewart, Betty Mckaig and Petter Amundsen. The book is from 1899 by Rudyard Kipling and is the oldest of all the known Oak Island Shakespeare theories, but it is unknown to the world, because his theory is carefully cloaked in his book. 
Like many others, Rudyard Kipling was a Baconian and a firm believer that the plays, which were publicly attributed to William Shakespeare were actually written by Sir Francis Bacon. Rudyard Kipling is well known for his contributions, he wrote a poem and a short story about the Baconian theory, but never publicly announced his Oak Island theory.  
The back page of my book contains a symbol of my great grandfather's Mason's mark. I was informed that the book reveals the society's most carefully concealed secrets. Freemasons take a most solemn oath before God, that they will not reveal any of the secrets of the orderRudyard Kipling was a Freemason and knew if he exposed the secrets of Oak Island it could mean a cruel punishment of death, which could be why he created these ciphers.
The book is called Soldiers Three, It is a collection of short stories about three soldiers at war in the mid-east as the British began to loosen their Imperial hold. The story has nothing in common with Oak Island except a secret page where the characters of his book are discussing William Shakespeare's play Hamlet.
Rudyard Kipling uses geometric cyphers to conceal images, which tell the true story of Oak Island's Money Pit. When deciphering a secret code you need a key to unlock its door, the key to his ciphers are words with the letter "H", which are derived from the Baconian theory.   In the book Rudyard Kipling characters speak with stereotypical accents. Since accents are one of the major ways of providing characterization, this is an easy way to force the reader to act out the character correctly, and also allows Kipling to add a letter "h" anywhere in the text without making it looking to suspicious, to create his ciphers.

The words with the letter "H" are Hamlut, Hogin and hamstrung. Many Baconians have showed an intriguing parallel between the character Hamlet and Francis Bacon. The word "Hog-in" represents Francis Bacon, because Bacon is made from a Hog and the word "ham-strung" is a synonym for Bacon. Kipling places the word hamstrung under the word pit, showing that Sir Francis Bacon is buried in the Money Pit, he also uses the word "Pit" as a starting point to his geometric cyphers.

When drawing straight lines through the capital letters of the words Hamlet and Hogin, and the word pit, a large spear takes shape and points to the name Shakespeare, showing that Francis Bacon is the true author of Shakespeare.

When drawing straight lines to the capital letter H's a celestial map appears, the Cygnus Swan Constellation becomes visible. It is an example of the ancient Hermetic saying of "as above, so below." The Cygnus Swan, also called the Northern Cross, which is above and corresponds to Nolan's Cross which is below. During Kipling's time Nolan's Cross was unknown, because it was not discovered until the early 1980's. Kipling places the Cygnus Swan over the top of the Money Pit, he is showing the resurrection of Shakespeare from the pit into the Cygnus Constellation. This was not a guess by Kipling, he was absolutely correct, Ben Jonson writes in Shakespeare's First Folio, that Shakespeare was the Sweet Swan of Avon and what a sight it were to see, him Advance, and made into the Swan constellation. The words Boots, whin and cornucopia (the goat) represent the constellations Bootes, Wain and the Capella, which neighbor the Cygnus Constellation. They are laid out on the page to form a Pythagorean triangle, when straight lines are drawn from the top of the cross (Deneb) through Capella(the goat) to Wain and Bootes. According to occult teachings the right angle represents the trinity, the father, the mother and the Masonic Christ.

Starting at the center of the word pit with a compass, four perfect circles form when passing lines through all the capital letter H's on the page. It produces a diagram of our Solar System, Kipling is showing that the Sun above correlates to the pit below. Francis Bacon is buried in the pit, because he is the Solar Messiah. The Sun is a metaphor for him, many zodiac wheels show the Solar Messiah figure at the center of the Zodiac wheel in place of the Sun. Bacon is an ascended master like Jesus, the son of God. At the center of the Zodiac there is a circle and a cross, which is the sacred symbol of the Rose-Cross Brotherhood.  Also, the circles around the word the pit gives us an illusion of looking down the Money Pit . The word hamstrung is located under the word pit, showing that Francis Bacon is buried in the Money Pit.

 In the next cipher Kipling constructs a map of Washington D.C, when drawing straight lines to all the lowercase letter h's on the page. The map shows that the word "Pit" is in the spot where the White House is Located. The word dhrop is marking the location of the Capitol Building, in front of the Capital shows The Mall with the words "for the love of decincy", meaning for the love of D.C. Also of immense importance is the page number 74, the numbers 7-4 indicates the date July 4th. Kipling is suggesting a correlation between Oak Island and the founding of America on July 4th, 1776, the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I was taught that Sir Francis Bacon was the real and true founder of America and that he proposed a blueprint to be followed by the Freemasons to build his Golden Age dream in the New World and it wouldn't of been possible if it wasn't for the experiment of Oak Island.

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