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Passing the Lamp

By Samuel Ludden

This engraving is by Jacob Cats titled Lampo Trado from a book called "Alle de Wercken", published in 1655. The picture depicts an old man passing a lamp to young man over a grave

I have made important discoveries below that proves that Bacon is buried on Oak Island and his grave is the Money Pit.

The Hermit

The old man looks like The Hermit in Tarot cards. 

Sir Francis Bacon

 Francis Bacon's clothing is exactly like the statue of Bacon above his supposed tomb in St. Michael's Church at St. Albans.

The Map

The Lamp lights the way to the Bay

Oak Island

Francis Bacon is pointing to the dot which is the exact location of Oak Island. 

The Grave

The plant at the top of the grave is called the sprig of acacia and is a symbol of immortality among Freemasons.  The sprig of acacia also is said to mark the head of the grave of the Ancient Grand Master Hiram Abiff, leading those travel-weary Fellows of the Craft to discover the location of his remains. Sir Francis Bacon like Hiram Abiff was the Grandmaster of Modern Freemasonry.