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In 1617 Daniel Mögling (1596-1635) under the pseudonym Theophilis Schweighardt published this engraving from his Padora sextae aetatis, written one year after William Shakespeare died. 

This print is directly connected to my webpage The Oak Island Experiment and is a confirmation of many of my secret Oak Island Teachings. 

Below in the print it shows TWO Shakespearean looking people standing on boxes, both men are Francis Bacon. The contents in the box are now buried on Oak Island.

On the right side Bacon is standing on the box with the Anchor of Hope, the box says "I Hope for The Future" He is in England looking out towards the New World. The triangle shaped lines make the letters M and N and represent the Location of Oak Island, Mn is the shape of Mahone Bay and St. Margarets Bay in Nova Scotia.  On The left side of the box reads "I swear Silence" and Bacon is standing on the box in Oak Island, the lines make the letter E for England.

 The letters MN represent the Hebrew Tetragrammaton, which is the name of God / Jehova. The artist drew a line to make the Hebrew letters turn into the English letters M and N. The globe shows the letters M and N at the top, which the location of Nova Scotia.

   Francis Bacon is making his Secret Hand Gesture that represents Nova Scotia. It's called the Hand of God, because Nova Scotia looks like a giant hand with the name of God (mn) written on it. Oak Island is located under God's Hands or as the Rosicrucian's would say "Under the shadow of the wings of Jehovah". It represents As Above, So Below in Alchemy, which is part of the experiment to make the Philosopher's Stone.  My Grandmother taught me all about The Mn code and the Nova Scotia Hand Gesture, which was at one time the most sacred Freemason hand gestures, because it pertains to Oak Island and Sir Francis Bacon's 33rd. degree of Freemasonry. She said because of the danger of the hand gesture's true meaning, Freemasons would conceal the hand gesture by hiding it in their waist coats. In the picture Francis Bacon is holding up 3 fingers and the lines make the number 3 to give the number 33. In Francis Bacon's simple Cipher the letters B.A.C.O.N = 33, which confirms that the man on the box is Francis Bacon.

  The writing in Latin at the top of the print pertains to Francis Bacon's Feelings about the experiment of Alchemy taking place on Oak Island from beginning to end.

 'Sincerely and seriously and in no way belatedly bewailing my ignorance, which is combined with the greatest envy of mortals, I think that my only solace is that, with God's help and with the mediation of all His ministers, and by remaining silent and by hoping (may Moma's guts burst!), the sapling may at last become a tree.'