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The Shakespeare Statue in Westminster Abbey
Samuel Ludden

  I have cracked a secret code in this Shakespeare Monument that's been hiding in plain site for over two centuries, revealing the true author of Shakespeare and solving the mystery of the Oak Island treasure hunt.

The life-size marble statue of William Shakespeare was erected in 1741 at Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey. The monument was made by prodominant Freemasons of that time, designed by William Kent, sculpted Peter Scheemakers, and erected by Richard Boyle the 3rd Earl of Burlington, Alexander Pope and Dr Richard Mead.     

 Peter Scheemakers also sculpted another secret coded Oak Island Monument that I decoded called The Shepherd's Monument. The monument is a copy of Nicolas Poussin's Et in Arcadia Ego Painting, which I also decoded and wrote about in my book called The Lutist For more information about Poussin's secret painting watch my video Et in Arcadia Ego.

I was able to decode this monument and many other important works of art because of my Grandmother's Oak Island teachings, her family was one of the oldest Freemason families in America.

The statue of William Shakespeare is making the shape of Nova Scotia with his hand. He is pointing to the word Temples on the scroll. The inscription on the scroll is from his play The Tempest (Act iv- Scene 1)

  When I connected all the capital letter T's it made the letter "F" for Francis, then I connected the lower case letter t's using a compass and made two PERFECT circles, which shapes the letter "B" for Bacon. I knew right away that these circles also represented Oak Island and was a hidden treasure map. I was taught many years ago that Oak Island was the shape of the letter B when my Grandmother gave me an old picture frame that secretly depicts Oak Island as the shape of the letter B.

   Again using the compass, I connected two capital letter T's and two lower case t's and made a PERECT circular Globe. The sentence in the middle of the scroll is "The Great Globe itself".

When overlaying the two circles on top of a map of Oak Island it fits perfectly (without turning directions) and covers about 90% of the shape of the island. When using the fold in the scroll, it gives the exact length of the island and points in the direction of the Money pit. The hand is pointing at the letter t in the middle of the island, which represents Nolan's Cross.

                              F B = Francis Bacon

                           W S = William Shakespeare

The quotation from the scroll is from Shakespeare's play The Tempest (Act iv, Scene 1), but has spelling differences and line rearangments. The men involved in making this expensive monument clearly would have known how the lines properly appear in the Tempest of Shakespeare's 1623 First Folio, which seemed very evident to me that there was a secret message hidden in the scroll.

The Quotation from The Tempest as it appears in the 1623 First Folio (Act iv, Scene 1):

*And like the baselesse fabricke of this vision
The Clowd-capt Towres, the gorgeous Pallaces,
The solemne Temples, the great Globe it selfe
Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolue
And like this insubstantiall Pagent faded
Leave not a racke behinde.

On the marble scroll of the 

Shakespeare Monument:

The Cloud capt Tow'rs,
The Gorgeous Palaces
The Solemn Temples,
The Great Globe itself
Yea all which it Inherit,
Shall Dissolue;
*And like the baseless Fabrick of a Vision
Leave not a wreck behind.

The first line from the Tempest, (And like the baselesse fabricke of this vision) has been rearranged to appear on the seventh line on the Monument, because the Freemasons wanted words from that sentence to land inside the two circles of the island. 
The words that land in the two circles are (all which it inherit, Shall Dissolve; the baseless Fabric). 
The word inherit lands on the right side of the island where the Money Pit is located, the word inherit can be broken up to read "in here it" revealing that the treasure is buried on the right side of the island.
The letters Fabric are letters of the name Francis Bacon, which means the baseless Francis Bacon or "the head of Francis Bacon". 
The real intended message is; All which Oak Island Inherits, Shall Dissolve,The Skull of Francis Bacon. 
Dissolve is a Alchemical term and an important part of the process to make the Philosopher's Stone.
To confirm that the letters Fabric are infact intented to be the letters of Francis Bacon's name, I would like to introduce a cipher that was found in the monument by T.D Bokenham. 

T.D. Bokenham noticed that the word too easily read as "Fabrick" was actually "Fnbrick". Beginning with the "S" in Shall, the Thirty-Third letter following is the "n" in Fnbrick. This "n" separates "F" from "B," of Francis Bacon's initials, in these two facts encouraged the suggestion that the words "Shall Dissolve" was a starting point. The line with the two words "Shall Dissolve" has a total of 13 letters. Beginning with Shall Dissolve, Bokenham made a grid in lines of thirteen letters each and found Francis Bacon's name in the shape an arch, which matches the arch of the monument.

Bokenham's discovery of the name Francis Bacon hidden in the scroll helps validate that the word Fabric or Fnbric are infact letters of Bacon's name. 

In Simple Cipher (A=1, B=2, ect.) Bacon = 33

 It is also very interesting that Baconian scholars say that the letter T.T. represents the number Thirty-Three and is used as the mark of a Master of the 33rd degree in Freemasonry. The Letter T also represents the 90 degree angle of a Square, the circles were made by using T's and a Compass. The Square and Compass are symbols of Freemasonry, revealing that the Monument and Oak Island were both creations of Freemasons. 


When adding my findings to T. Bokenham's Grid it makes the shape of the letter F for Francis.

The Last sentence on the scroll has secret meanings.
Leave not a wreck behind, meaning leave not a trace of evidence or leave not a shipwreck behind on Oak island, The word wreck is not the correct word in The Tempest, it was changed deliberately, so that you can imagine a shipwreck near the coast of the Oak island map.

One More Secret Code
According to the official Westminster Abbey website - "o
n the marble ledge between the feet of the statue the letters "T.T.1787" are incised, this is probably grafitti by a Westminster schoolboy".  It's not graffiti by a schoolboy, its actually another hidden code. (T.T. = 33) 
1787 - 33 = 1754, the two hundred year birthday of William Shakespeare ( 1554-1616).

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