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The Shepherd's Monument Decoded
Samuel Ludden

Shepherd's Monument was sculpted by Peter Scheemakers and was built between 1748 and 1763, commissioned by Thomas Anson, brother of the famous British Royal Navy Admiral George Anson. This is the second monument by Peter Scheemakers that I have decoded and found hidden secrets which point directly to Oak Island, the other can be seen on my web page The Shakespeare memorial.

The Statue is a relief copy of Nicolas Poussin's painting called Et in Arcadia ego. I have also decoded Poussin's Painting, which can be seen on my web page Et in Acadia Ego

The monument shows the tomb of the Christ, a woman and three shepherds, two of whom are pointing to a tomb. On the tomb is written "ET IN ARCADIA EGO", latin for ("I am, even in Arcadia"). 

The Shepherd on the left side is making the shape of Nova Scotia with his hand. The Shepherd kneeling down is pointing to the location of Oak Island. In the beginning Nova Scotia was called Arcadia, so the phrase "Et in Arcadia Ego" literally means "I am also in Nova Scotia." The curve in the Shepherds thumb is distorting the letter R into a letter B. Using a square, I found the name BACON. The square is a tool used by Freemasons, I also used a Masonic square to unlock the secrets in Scheemakers' Shakespeare Memorial Statue. Scheemakers and the Anson Brothers were known Freemasons, Sir Francis Bacon was the first Grandmaster of Modern Freemasonry.

Above the arch there are two carved stone heads, these heads are secretly depicting the real heads that could be buried in Oak Island's Money Pit. One of the heads is a bald-headed man, the other is the Greek god Pan. The bald-headed man is William Shakespeare and the god Pan is Francis Bacon. Pan was the God of ancient Arcadia and ruler over the shepherds, whereas Francis Bacon is the ruler of the New Arcadia and the Freemasons. Arcadia was an utopian society during ancient Greece's Golden Age. In Francis Bacon's novel The New Atlantis, he envision a new world modeled from a lost Utopia. The cover page of The New Atlantis depicts the god Pan bringing a female figure out of the darkness of a cave, with the inscription: "In time the secret truth shall be revealed". The The Hunt for Pan headpieces were used in the original 1611 KJV and in William Shakespeare's First Folio, both of which show Bacon's involvement. 

                             "What is now the church of Christ was once the Brotherhood of Pan" - Francis Bacon

This monuments and many others that I have decoded all tell the same story, that Sir Francis Bacon was an Ascended Master and the incarnate of the Christ Being.

I found the name BACON hidden in the Pan Headpiece.

The pictures below show laureate wreaths , which symbolizes the degree of a Master and the Prince of Poets. The one in the middle shows the Cygnus Cross Constellation, symbolizing William Shakespeare's transformation into the Swan Constellation.

The picture to the left shows The Shugborough Inscription, which is a sequence of letters 
 O U O S V A V V, between the letters D M.  It has been called one of the world's top uncracked ciphertexts. Researcher Peter Oberg explains that the letters stand for numbers which sum to 2,810, the distance in miles from Shugborough to Oak Island.

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