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 The 90 Foot Stone Found
Samuel Ludden

This picture is called the tree of Pansophia from a book called Speculum Sophicum Rhodostauroticum ("The Mirror of the Wisdom of the Rosy Cross") an early text of Rosicrucianism, published in 1618 by the pseudonymous "Theophilus Schweighardt Constantiens", believed to be Daniel Mögling (1596–1635). It is one out of four pictures from the book that explains the Oak Island experiment. The Mirror of Wisdom is a book about Oak Island because it mirrors the Oak Island treasure. It explains that the Oak Island treasure is an experiment of alchemy called Pansophia Rhodo-staurotica, man's highest perfection in this world , which is the transformation of the Human Soul. 

The picture reveals the alchemical process of four elements of all things, fire, air, water and earth, but more importantly it shows the famous Oak Tree, the 90 Foot Stone and a Man belonging to a Grail Cup. Mogling writes that Nature is the Mother of the three principal kingdoms of animal, vegetable and mineral, through seed and a soil  according to the twelve little chymical tracts which constitute no mean prelude to my pansophic studies: thus the four elements give birth out of themselves by the stimulus of Nature sperma or seeds which are cast into the centre of the earth and there elaborated and transformed by different kinds of adaptations. He is explaining that the oak tree is the vegetable, the 90 Foot Stone is the mineral and the animal or the man are the seeds of Nature. 

 Mogling goes onto mention that we, however, who now see the grace of God near at hand. we should open our hearts, and amend our ways and life, receiving the good news with joy, and go towards the brightly shining Sun with a calm conscience and thoughts of God (not thoughts of gold). 

Mogling is telling us that the treasure is God not Gold and is hinting to the location of Oak Island when he states "God near at hand", because Oak Island is located near Nova Scotia, the early Rosicrucians knew Nova Scotia as the Hand of God, because it is shaped like a Giant Hand. (for more info about the Hand of God please visit my other web pages.)  Mogling writes that we become released from our human nature and frailty, and are reunited blissfully with our Archetype, God the Almighty, we die away from the evil godless world and are new-born into the heavenly blessed Jerusalem. Wherein all treasure, riches and skill is hidden, outside of which and without which there is nothing on the surface of the earth.

   There are no known pictures or drawings of the 90 Foot StoneBelow is a brief description of the history of Oak Island's 90 Foot Stone, so that it can be compared to the drawing in the book. 

1. In 1795 the Oak Tree and the Money Pit were discovered by Daniel McGinnis, John Smith and Anthony Vaughn. 
2. In 1802 the 90 foot stone was discovered at 90 feet in the Money Pit, the stone was first described to be: 
  • two feet long 
  • about a foot thick 
  • cut square
  • several faint and irregular cut characters, the inscription could not be deciphered because it was too badly cut or did not appear to be in their own vernacular. 
3.The stone was later built into the chimney of Smith's new house in 1864.
4.The stone was taken to halifax in 1893 and deciphered as "Ten Feet below there are Two Millions Pounds Buried"-not proven
5.The stone was taken to a bookstore in halifax in 1909 and placed in the front window to raise money for the Oak Island treasure hunt. The stone went missing from the bookstore and has not been seen since. Harry Marshall was the son of one of the owners of the book shop, Harry remembers the stone being in the window at his father's shop when he was a boy and describes the stone as being:
  • two Feet long
  • 15 inches wide
  • 10 inches thick 
  • weighed about 175 pounds
  • the corners not square but somewhat rounded
  1. the initials J and M cut into one corner
  2. with no inscription 

The carving of the stone in the picture below is almost a perfect match in size, shape, dimensions, initials and faint inscription as I mentioned in the brief history above. It's also important to take in the consideration that it was found next to an Oak Tree and in an early Rosicrucian book that explains that it was cast into the centre of the earth, which adds more credibility towards verifying that this is in fact an original drawing of The 90 foot Stone.

 For more information about the Oak Island treasure hunt and the Rosicrucian connection please visit my other web Pages.